Nutter Butter 50th Birthday
2019 Brand Relaunch

1969 saw the birth of Nutter Butter cookies––a nutty year, indeed!
So how could we celebrate the 50th birthday of America’s “nuttiest” cookie, 
and relaunch the brand in a big way?

We took America on a “trip” back in time with limited-edition packaging designs,
insanely nutty birthday content, and a birthday bash hosted by the Internet’s favorite t-shirt baker––Johnny Cupcakes!

VP/CD: Julie Clark
ACD: Amy Creyer
Sr. Art Director: Jessica Wuller
Sr. Copywriter: Alyson Capolarello

Video Spots

:15 “Nutty Styles Change”

:15 “Nutty Birthdays”

:15 “Born in 1969”

:06 “Twitter Time Warp”

:06 “1969 Nutty Psychedelia”

:06 “Tap-to-Pause Portraits”

Organic Social Content

In-Store Promotion

50th Birthday Party @ 7-Eleven

Nutter Butter x Johnny Cupcakes T-Shirt Drop
June 12, 2019

To take our birthday bash to the next level we collaborated with Johnny Cupcakes, one of the internet’s favorite t-shirt designers, to craft a limited-edition shirt collection inspired by our six throwback birthday photos.

The world’s biggest convenience store, 7-Eleven, opened its doors to host the nutty birthday festivities in the heart of New York City! And when you’re 7-Eleven, forget boring birthday cakes––we turned the traditional coffee-and-donuts run on its head with a nutty twist, launching Nutter Butter Long John donuts and a Nutty Cappucino!