Hair Food USA

Rebranding x Retail Launch

First launched in Asia as Hair Recipe, we Americanized P&G's newest line of better-for-you hair care products as Hair Food, a more wholesome way to “feed” your hair––beautifully!

To craft the new brand’s voice and visual identity for the USA market, we took inspiration from American consumers’ love of all things farm-to-table with a beauty-driven ethos of nourishment and simple ingredients. 

2016 WARC Top 100 Brand Campaigns (#78)
2015 Gold REGGIE
2015 Silver REGGIE
2015 Silver ADDY
2015 Bronze POPAI

CD/Copy: Alma Klein
CD/Art: Laura Dauley
Sr. Copywriter: Amy Creyer
Sr. Art Directors: Olen Amelia & Craig Meyer

Year 1

Year 2

Brand Concept Exploration