2019 Retail Toolkit

Challenge: Disrupt the monotony with a path-to-purchase program.

Insight: A few years ago, vitaminwater was in hot water for provocative claims. but the brand fans loved it.

idea: let’s poke the bear and tickle our fanbase by “certifying” vitaminwater drinks as funner choices.

VP/GCD: Glen Peden
Creative Director: Megan Cross
ACD/Copywriter: Amy Creyer
ACD/Art Director: AJ Croce
Copywriter: AP Chaney

In-Market Execution
(POS toolkit)

Path-to-Purchase Exploration

we made up a new regulatory agency, launched with a .gov-style manifesto:

social posts highlighting the certification process on farms raising vitaminwater drove to eCommerce:

the FDIA made a faux PR announcement on its faux twitter for its faux followers:

online, we planned to give consumers a peek at the very very serious FDIA certification process:

and proximity billboards combined the swagger of vitaminwater with regulatory claims: