2019 Retail Toolkit

How could we disrupt the monotony with a path-to-purchase program?

A few years ago, vitaminwater was in hot water for provocative claims. but the brand fans loved it. So we decided to poke the bear and tickle our fanbase by “certifying” vitaminwater drinks as funner choices.

VP/GCD: Glen Peden
Creative Director: Megan Cross
ACD/Copywriter: Amy Creyer
ACD/Art Director: AJ Croce
Copywriter: AP Chaney

In-Market Execution
(POS toolkit)

Path-to-Purchase Exploration

we made up a new regulatory agency, launched with a .gov-style manifesto:

social posts highlighting the certification process on farms raising vitaminwater drove to eCommerce:

the FDIA made a faux PR announcement on its faux twitter for its faux followers:

online, we planned to give consumers a peek at the very very serious FDIA certification process:

and proximity billboards combined the swagger of vitaminwater with regulatory claims: